Allen Roche Auto in Phoenix Arizona

Allen Roche Auto is a buy here pay here automotive dealership located in North Phoenix near Desert Ridge Marketplace. We specialized in high end and luxury automobiles for individuals who don’t qualify for conventional financing or who want to avoid an involved qualification process. Our vehicles are all carefully inspected and detailed to be showroom ready. We pride ourselves in stocking the latest vehicles at the best prices. If you don’t see a car, truck or SUV you like, we’ll find one for you.

We understand that purchasing a new car can be an emotional process, sometimes so much so that buyers can end up leaving the dealership with a vehicle that does not fit their needs. By asking yourself a few questions and assessing your specific wants and needs, you can be assured of obtaining the vehicle that is right for you. Finding the right car takes some research and planning. Although you may like to dream about what your perfect car would have, it’s better to have a practical approach about your needs, not just at present, but several years from now too.

When assessing your needs, here are some points to consider:

  • Number of regular passengers
  • Type of driving: highway, surface streets, off-road
  • Weather conditions
  • Fuel economy
  • Necessary safety features
  • Cargo capacity
  • Use of children’s car seats
  • Towing needs

Budgeting For A New Car

Budget is another consideration. Set a dollar amount and stick with it. Instead of feeling intimidated about telling a car salesperson about your budget, you’ll actually help yourself, as well as the salesperson by giving that individual a realistic amount that you can spend on a vehicle. Most dealerships these days are more concerned with getting you the most car for your money than selling you the most expensive vehicle, as the former will bring repeat business and the latter is off-putting.

If you need money for a down payment and have an older vehicle to sell, consider using a service like SellUsYourCarOnline.com in Phoenix where you can get cash in hand the same day. To determine the fair market value of your vehicle, visit Kelly Blue Book and use their pricing tool to determine how much a dealer will pay prior to calling for a quote.

Shop and Compare

Even if you have your heart set on a specific car, consider other vehicles in the same class as new vehicles are always hitting the showroom. One that you may have never heard of may end up being the perfect fit for you. Compare vehicles by listing their features and pricing to see what best fits your budget.

Before committing to a vehicle, consider the long-term costs of ownership such as depreciation, insurance, fuel costs and maintenance. Some cars may depreciate faster than others while others may have higher annual fuel costs. Purchase according to what is important to you in this regard.

Test Drive

Don’t forget to take a test drive. Even though a vehicle may look good on paper for all of your needs, that doesn’t mean it will work for you when you drive it. Try to drive the vehicle in situations that will mimic your everyday use. You’ll get a better feel for whether the vehicle rides comfortably, has sufficient acceleration and handles to your specific preferences.